We know there's a massive challenge ahead for the charity sector, and whilst we can't replace the revenue that's been lost, we're here to help make up the time on your vital fundraising campaigns...

"Things may never go back to normal... you may need to create a 'new normal'... and that's ok!"

Some of what we offer...

What makes us different:

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Have you ever wondered where your cards are printed?

We’re proud to confirm that all the products we’ve featured in our brochure are sourced and produced in the United Kingdom. Our cards now carry this Made in the United Kingdom logo.

Maybe it’s time to ask where your cards are produced?

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Dash  is a true family business, still owned and managed by Iain Shaw after 21 years. Iain has been working within the charity sector for over 25 years, so understands most of the challenges you  face.

In 2019, Iain’s wife Annette joined the Board of Directors and manages the day to day running of our  office and  overseeing our amazing design and customer service team.

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With the current state of our environment, we have to start making a change to the planet we call home, which is why we’re delighted to announce that we’ll now be using a fully biodegradable laminate to finish our cards. Not only does it give us a beautiful hi gloss shine, but it is fully biodegradable!  but that's not all... we can also offer Plastic Free or Biodegradable Packing

As a publisher that cares for our environment, we have made it our mission to make any changes we can to our fragile, but beautiful planet.

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