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Print & Design Service

With over 40 years combined experience of the charity sector, we've got everything it takes to make every penny count for our charity customers.

Here's some facts and figures which show the importance of print in our sector:


of donors like to receive something in the post as a sign of appreciation of their support.

(source: Reading between the Lines Charity Comms Report 2015)


of gifts to charities come from direct mail

(source Blackbaud)


of charities use printed magazines and brochures at fundraising and awareness events

(source: Reading between the Lines Charity Comms Report 2015)


of donors consider printed magazines as a tangible benefit of their membership or support

(source: Reading between the Lines Charity Comms Report 2015)

The Dash Challenge

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We'd like to invite you to take our challenge and let us show you just how much money you can save on all your design, print and mailing costs. Just CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW, tell us about your next print requirements and let us 'quote you happy!'

  • Brochures

  • Posters

  • Booklets

  • Newsletters

  • Gift Aid Envelopes

  • Reply Envelopes

  • Stationery

Go on... take the Dash Print Challenge

  • Mailsort Services

  • Insertions

  • Data Healthchecks

  • Mailing Personalisation

  • Polywrapping

  • Complete Fulfilment

  • Contract Postage Rates

Charity Printing

Hi Iain,


Just to confirm that the printing got to us last week, and it all looks superb. We’re really pleased with it all, and we’re no doubt going to speak to you and your team about further printing opportunities (including our community magazine).


Best wishes, Luke

Charity Printing

Hi Iain,


I very much appreciate the work you’ve done for us, how quickly you’ve turned around the collection boxes project and the absolutely amazing communication. Thank you again for everything you have done for us and I am looking forward to continuing to work together in our other projects later in the year!


Best wishes, Ida

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